In today’s world of digital advancement, it is imperative that every established business pays close attention to the  benefits of having a web presence . Be it a website, e-commerce platform or social media page, an online presence can never be over-emphasized.

Potential customers are most often than not weary of dealing with businesses that are not well-known or have no search engine visibility.

Generally, consumers instinctively associate the credibility of businesses to the information they may find about those businesses on Google and other search engines. People usually cling to what is known and have very little to do with what is unknown. In other words, if it  cannot be found online, it probably does not exist. Hence, it is critical for a business to be relevantly visible on the internet to facilitate growth, professional credibility, and customer retention.

With the massive competition in the digital space, it is necessary for customers to be able to easily reach out to businesses and for businesses to be able to easily reach out to their potential and current customers outside of a physical office. The stress of having to go down to a local office for something as simple as an enquiry is inconvenient and quite frankly, inefficient! Especially considering that there are tools currently available to businesses that allow their customers make enquiries and leave messages even after regular business hours. 

That being said, having and maintaining an online presence could pose as a daunting task to many in spite of its numerous benefits. However, it is greatly advantageous to put in the effort and resources into creating a relevant online presence in the ever evolving digital world. The general misconception about this is that once you have a website, that is all that matters. On the contrary, having just a website is not sufficient to make you relevant online and keep you that way.  A website needs to be constantly updated with fresh, rich and current content to stay ahead of competition. 

No business should ever downplay the role of an engaging online presence.

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