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point of sale

Cloud-based POS.

With our POS all-in-one business management system, you can cut back time spent on daily operations and back office tasks and promote efficiency within your business. Shorten your tasks and get more done during the day.

Access your data anytime, anywhere.

Access reports instantly online, which are kept up-to-date in real time as you handle transactions and store operations. Check on your daily earnings, number of items sold, stock of inventory and order details. Make sure you are on top of your business operations.

The all-in-one omnichannel solution for business management. Sell anywhere: in-store or online, generate reports, manage your employees and organize your stock with inventory software.

Key Features

Point of Sale

It’s quick, efficient, intuitive to use, and easy to setup.

Table Management

Construct your floor plan, take and process table orders with ease.

Online Ordering

Sync your online orders with your store’s point of sale.

Order Management

Select order types such as quick sale, take out, drive thru or delivery.

Order Tracking

Manage your orders with an option to track order statuses.

Customer Management

Build your customer information to know what they buy and when.

Split Payment

Allowing guests to split a check with different payment methods.

Inventory Management

Process, check, and manage your inventory right down to the grain.

Employee Management

Full control over staff access to features and data.

Tax Management

Easily create either individual or multi-line taxes.

POS Reporting

Quick access to critical information for informed decision making.


Access data for all stores and registers in your company.

Self Service Kiosk

Self service kiosks have been known to increase sales by providing an additional sales channel for your customers to order. It is also a great way to upsell your products or services.

With the self service kiosk, you can dramatically decrease wait times. Most customers prefer to use a self serve solution rather than stay in line especially during busy hours.

Centralized Orders

Seamlessly integrated with Retail-time POS. All orders are fully synced in one place.

Touch Technology

Supports multiple devices such as HP Engage One Prime, Android tablets and iPads.

Peripheral Options

Supports thermal printers, bar code scanners and payment terminals

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